County Elevation Certificates

Properties located in the special flood hazard area (zones A and AE) requires an elevation for structures placed on the property. Structures and equipment must be elevated at a minimum two (2) feet above a benchmark established by a licensed surveyor. Elevation certificates are collected by the Building Department before power is connected to the structure and before a certificate of occupancy is issued. 

For a blank elevation certificate select the link below:

Elevation Certificate And Instructions


For useful information on flooding and flood insurance, select the links below:

Mandatory Purchase Of Flood Insurance Handout

FEMA Publication P 348 Protecting Building Utility Systems From Flood Damage

FEMA Publication P85 Protecting Manufactured Homes From Floods & Other Hazards

FEMA Publication F084 Answers To Questions About The NFIP

FEMA Publication 511 Reducing Damage From Localized Flooding

FEMA Publication 54 Elevated Residential Structures


Please select the files below to view elevation certificates on the following parcels:

31-1S-08-0749-002-000 – 147 SW Osceola Way

04-2S-07-0549-002-000 – 1188 SW Edgewood Avenue

14-1N-07-1830-000-000 – 176 NW Badger Trail

00-0-00-3229-001-000 – 4245 NE Cherry Lake Circle

11-1N-06-1663-003-000 – 614 Miracle Drive

30-2N-08-3292-001-000 – 5678 NW Flowers Road

11-1S-07-0352-000-000 – 7638 SW Sundown Creek Road

12-2N-10-5955-005-000 – 5074 NE Bellville Road

14-2S-05-0062-002-000 – 14388 Mt. Gilead Church Road

19-1S-07-0399-000-000 – 6977 SW US 221

07-2S-07-0562-000-000 – 1139 SW Wacissa Terrace

08-1N-11-6181-0RW-014 – 205 NE Edgewater Circle

08-1S-07-0330-004-001 – 147 SW Osceola Way

33-1N-11-6233-001-027 – 2836 NE River Park Road

21-1N-11-6203-T29-000 – 1063 NE River Park Road

32-2S-11-1629-001-000 – 1655 SE Boundary Bend Trail

30-1S-09-0976-012-000 – 5629 SW CR 360

17-2S-10-1460-001-000 – 251 SW Tower Road

34-1S-07-0512-001-000 – 138 SE Deland Loop

21-1N-11-6203-T25-000 – 951 NE River Park Road

12-1N-06-1675-001-000 – 2006 NW Honey Lake Road