Land Development Codes

The purpose of the Land Development Code is to provide for orderly growth; to encourage the most appropriate use of land; to discourage incompatible uses of adjacent properties; to preserve and protect the environment and natural resources and beauty of Madison County; to protect and conserve the value of property; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to promote, protect,  and improve the health, safety, comfort, good order, appearance, convenience, and general welfare of the public and to help accomplish the goals and objectives of the Madison County Comprehensive Plan. This code is deemed by the Board of County Commissioners to bring Madison County into compliance with Section 163.3161-163-3125, Florida Statutes. The provisions of the Land Development Code applies to all land, buildings, structures, and uses in the unincorporated areas of Madison County and no development shall be undertaken without prior authorization pursuant to this code.

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Chapter 1 Status Of Land Development Code And Procedures For Amendments

Chapter 2 Language And Definitions

Chapter 3 Administration Of Code

Chapter 4 Land Use Districts And Development Standards

Chapter 5 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 6 Environmental Protection

Chapter 7 Concurrency