Road Department

Lonnie Thigpen,
Road Department Coordinator
Buddy Bryant, Field Specialist
 Jo Williams, Administrative Office Manager
 [email protected]
Madison, Florida 32340

Office Hours: 6:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.,
Monday thru Thursday
Lunch from 12:00 – 12:30pm
(Office Remains Open During Lunch)

Work Crew Hours:
 6:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.,
Monday thru Thursday
Lunch from 12:00 – 12:30pm
Please click on the link below for our Road Department Maintenance Policy
Road Department Maintenance Policy

Operating Procedures:

  1. All routine work orders are taken through the Public Works/Road Department office during regularly scheduled office hours at phone number 973-2156.   All work is then assigned by the Road Department Coordinator to the various individual crews according to priority need. Individuals making requests directly to Road Department crews are referred to the office. Only emergencies (impassable roads caused by fallen trees, washouts, slick hills, flooding, damaged bridges, etc.) are to be reported after office hours.
  2. After hour emergencies are to be reported to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher at 973-4001, who in turn will make contact by pager and/or cellular telephone with the Road Department Coordinator and/or Public Works/Road Department personnel on call.
  3. Requests for driveway turnoffs should be made directly to the Public Works/Road Department office by the responsible individual during regularly scheduled hours. Since driveway turnoff requirements may vary depending on location, the Road Department Coordinator or his designee shall perform an inspection of each location to determine the specifications required per driveway turnoff request.
  4. Any and all work to be performed by private citizens, businesses, or public utilities on Madison County road right-of-way must be permitted by the Road Department Coordinator prior to commencement of construction. Utility permits may be obtained at the Public Works/Road Department office located at 2060 NE Rocky Ford C-591), and all work performed in accordance with Madison County’s Utility Accommodation Guide.
  5. Structure Transportation Permits are required for the transportation of any structures twelve (12) feet or more in width if Madison County road right-of-way is involved. Permits may be obtained at the Public Works/Road Department office during regularly scheduled hours.

 Road Department Responsibilities:

Current Road Department responsibilities are as follows:

  1. All maintenance, repairs, construction and management of Madison County road right-of-way which consists of approximately 227 miles of paved roads, approximately 460 miles of unpaved roads.
  2. Responsible for seventeen (17) bridge structures included on Madison County’s bridge inventory. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) offers assistance with structure replacement.
  3. Maintenance and management of the Madison County Airport located in Lee, Florida and currently under private status until a new site is constructed for Public use. Current use by permission only.
  4. Maintenance and repair of all school crossing lights and several caution lights, countywide.
  5. Coordination of Public Works inmate squads provided by the Madison Correctional Institution.
  6. Responsible for 50% of maintenance and repair costs for railroad crossings equipped with signalization.
  7. Non-standard, special, and miscellaneous projects as approved and assigned by the Madison County Board of County Commissioners.

PLEASE NOTE: The Madison County Public Works/Road Department is funded by, and operates on gas tax monies. Gas tax proceeds must be used for transportation needs as listed below:

  1. Public transportation operations and maintenance
  2. Roadway and right-of-way maintenance and equipment
  3. Roadway and right-of-way drainage
  4. Street lighting
  5. Traffic signs, traffic engineering, signalization, and pavement markings
  6. Bridge maintenance and operation
  7. Debt service and current expenditures for transportation capital projects in the foregoing
    program areas, including construction or reconstruction of roads.


Routine Maintenance Structure:

1.        Road Grading: Consists of two crews: one crew containing two motor graders and operators and one crew containing three motor graders and operators. The crew of two grades roadways north of US 90 and north of SR 6. The crew of three grades roadways south of US 90 and south of SR 6. One of the graders used on the south side is equipped with a ditching blade and is used as needed throughout the entire County. Two additional graders are used for spreading and mixing material on special projects as needed. A crew cab truck transports crew members to grading locations and fuels the graders at the same time.

2.         Road Material Hauling: Consists of four dump trucks and drivers. A front end loader and operator loads materials from stockpiles and/or barrow pits and a grader and operator are used when needed. The number of employees may vary depending on scope of job.

3.         Brush Cutting: Consists of two crews of two employees each. Each of the two crews has one tractor/brush cutter and operator, one pick-up truck and driver for fueling equipment and keeping roadway free of debris. Location varies as need demands.

4.         Mowing: Consists of two tractors equipped with batwing mowers and operators and one truck and driver for transporting crew to location, fueling and cleaning right-of-way. This crew operates from March through December and during the remaining months, crew members are added to other crews and/or special projects.

5.         Rotating/Patching Crew: This crew consists of two to three employees and performs routine maintenance and repairs as needed for driveways, culvert installation, road patching, and other miscellaneous assignments as required. A flat bed dump body truck is used for most assignments in this category. Types of hand tools and equipment may vary.

6.         Traffic Control Crew: Consists of two Traffic Control Specialists who drive a GMC Sierra 3500 truck with sign trailer. This crew is responsible for installation, repair, maintenance and inventory of all signage and traffic control devices throughout the County. Assignments may vary according to demand and Departmental workload.

7.         Miscellaneous Equipment: Consists of one wheeled excavator, two loader/backhoes with trailers, one bucket truck, one Rex mixer, one Howard rotovator, one Ford box scraper, one rubber tire roller, one Caterpillar excavator, one steel wheeled compactor, one Mack transport truck and lowboy trailer, one bull dozer, one water truck and other miscellaneous small equipment and implements for use as needed. All specialized equipment may be used on a regular basis by any of the above listed crews according to the scope of each specific project.

8.         Shop: Consists of one shop mechanic assisted as needed by other Department employees for maintenance and repairs of all Road Department equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Public Works/Road Department work crews may vary as needed, and all employees may be required to perform other job duties not specifically stated in their job descriptions when necessary to maintain work schedules.