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1.         All routine work orders are taken through the Public Works/Road Department office during regularly scheduled office hours at phone number 973-2156.   All work is then assigned by the Road Department Coordinator to the various individual crews according to priority need.  Individuals making requests directly to Road Department crews are referred to the office.  Only emergencies (impassable roads caused by fallen trees, washouts, slick hills, flooding, damaged bridges, etc.) are to be reported after office hours. 


2.         After hour emergencies are to be reported to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher at 973-4001, who in turn will make contact by pager and/or cellular telephone with the Road Department Coordinator and/or Public Works/Road Department personnel on call.


3.         Requests for driveway turnoffs should be made directly to the Public Works/Road Department office by the responsible individual during regularly scheduled hours.  Since driveway turnoff requirements may vary depending on location, the Road Department Coordinator or his designee shall perform an inspection of each location to determine the specifications required per driveway turnoff request.


4.         Any and all work to be performed by private citizens, businesses, or public utilities on Madison County road right-of-way must be permitted by the Road Department Coordinator prior to commencement of construction.  Utility permits may be obtained at the Public Works/Road Department office located at 2060 NE Rocky Ford C-591), and all work performed in accordance with Madison County’s Utility Accommodation Guide.


5.         Structure Transportation Permits are required for the transportation of any structures twelve (12) feet or more in width if Madison County road right-of-way is involved.  Permits may be obtained at the Public Works/Road Department office during regularly scheduled hours.

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