Building Department

Welcome to the Madison County Building Department

The Madison County Building Department is dedicated to public safety and construction education.  Through the enforcement of the Florida Building Codes, the safety of our citizens and their structural investments are realized.  We can help you achieve the American Dream!

The Building Department is responsible for the examination of building plans and specifications to ensure structural soundness and conformity with the adopted building codes and the issuance of building permits.  The office is also responsible for the review of applications for mobile home permits.  On site inspections are made at several different times during the building process to ensure that construction or installation is in compliance with all adopted codes.  Building department staff is available during business hours to answer any code questions that may arise either by telephone or personal contact.  The building department is also responsible for the licensing of contractors registered through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation within Madison County; this is done through the Competency Licensing Board.