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Welcome to Madison County, Florida

Madison County was named in honor of Founding Father James Madison in 1827, when it was chartered as Florida’s largest county. (That was before Florida was admitted to the Union, in 1845.) When first formed, Madison County extended from the Aucilla river to the Withlacoochee and Suwannee rivers, and from the Georgia border to the Gulf of Mexico.  Since then, the county has “surrendered” Taylor, Lafayette and Dixie Counties, but there are still 714 square miles of forests, rivers, lakes and gently rolling hills to enjoy.

The City of Madison is the County Seat and was named for Madison C. Livingston, who donated the first parcel of land to create the city on May 2, 1838. We have two other municipalities, the Town of Greenville and the Town of Lee.

The current population of Madison is approximately 19,224.  We are a single-member voting district, which means that citizens living in a particular district elect a Commissioner from that district to represent them.  We have 5 districts and 5 Commissioners.  For more information on voting information or voting district lines, you may contact Mr. Tommy Hardee, Supervisor of Elections at (850) 973-6507 or visit his web site at www.votemadison.com.

Be sure to check out the “Madison Collection,” a photographic compliation from The Florida Memory Project.